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At Island Vet Bali, we believe that every pet deserves the best care, regardless of their size or species. As pet parents ourselves, we understand the importance of finding a vet who not only possesses expertise and skill but also a genuine passion for your beloved companions. That's why we go the extra mile to deliver comprehensive veterinary services with a personalised touch.


What sets us apart is our specialisation in treating exotic pets, a service not commonly found elsewhere in Bali. Whether it’s cats and dogs or reptiles and birds, we have the knowledge and expertise to cater to their unique needs.


Your animal companions deserve nothing but the best. We look forward to caring for them as if they were our own.


Wellness Exam

Regular checkups to monitor your pet's overall health and detect any potential health issues early.

Starts from IDR 150k


Exotic Pet Care

Regular checkups and care for exotic pets. We cover reptiles, lagomorphs, and avians.

Starts from IDR 150k



Protection against common diseases and illnesses that pets are at risk of contracting.

Starts from IDR 135k



For dogs, cats, and exotic pets with upper respiratory tract infections and active nose discharge.

Starts from IDR 75K

IMG_3313 2.heic


Blood tests, skin, faeces, and urine examinations to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries. We also offer allergy testing and rabies antibody titer test.

Starts from IDR 100K

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Spay and neutering of cats, dogs and rabbits. We also offer surgeries to treat injuries, remove tumours and address other health issues.

Starts from IDR 650k



Can’t make it to our vet? We’ll come to you instead. However, please note that this service is not suitable for emergency visits. 

Starts from IDR 95k

Having a Bath


Bathing, nail clipping, and other services to help pets look and feel their best.

Starts from IDR 70k

Dog Statue

Burial & Cremation

We’ll take care of the hard stuff so that you can put your companion at rest. We provide burial and cremation services for pets, and documentation (by request). 

Starts from IDR 200k

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Going on a trip? Your companion is safe with us while you’re away.

The price already includes a daily vet check!

Starts from IDR  105k

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